Streptococcal, Strep A


Strep A is a bacterium that is normally located on the skin and throat. Due to its location causes strep throat and rashes. It is usually more common in children aged between five and fifteen years of age but can also affect adults. The disease is spread through contact with sick people through the nasal passages, throat, coughing or sneezing.

It is a disease that takes about three days to develop. Prompt treatment with antibiotics can help protect further complications because it is considered mild disease.

Vitassay makes available a rapid test for the qualitative detection of these antibodies. It is a rapid test for single use only 10 minutes to have an outcome based on a respiratory sample.

Its easy to use anywhere, low cost and high accuracy make them a key product for reducing antibiotic treatments helping to reduce other complementary examinations.


Time to result10 minutes
Storage up to24 Months
Storage temperature2 - 30 °C