Hepatitis A (HAV)


Hepatitis A is a highly contagious disease that affects the liver. It causes it to become inflamed and does not filter waste from the blood. The main routes of infection are produced by contact with infected blood, sexual intercourse, or between drug addicts. It is generally transmitted in the mouth by placing a contaminated object. In areas where hygiene and health systems are deficient, hepatitis A is transmitted more easily.

Vitassay makes available a rapid test for the qualitative detection of these antibodies. It is a rapid test for single use only 10 minutes to have an outcome based on a stool sample.

Its easy to use anywhere, low cost and high accuracy make them a key product for reducing antibiotic treatments helping to reduce other complementary examinations.


Time to result10 minutes
Storage up to24 Months
Storage temperature2 - 30 °C