Vitassay makes available for your use a rapid test for the qualitative detection of antibodies. It is a rapid test for only one use, only two minutes to prepare the sample and ten minutes to get the result based on a stool, respiratory or an urine sample.

It is easy to use anywhere with low cost and high accuracy, making Vitassay Rapid Tests a key product for reducing antibiotic treatments helping to reduce other complementary examinations.



Antigens in fecal samples are any kind of self or foreign body which is recognized by the immune system as a threat substance. Antigens do trigger the formation of antibodies in the immune system. These antibodies are trying to identify and neutralize antigens.

Different rapid tests that Vitassay offers, achieved the detection of viruses, bacteria or parasites that may be found in fecal samples in just ten minutes.

Respiratory Antigens


Respiratory infections are the most common diseases in human life. They vary according to age and environmental circumstances.

To detect these respiratory diseases has developed its Vitassay rapid tests that detect different types of bacteria or viruses causing different pathologies affecting the respiratory tract.



Rapid tests Vitassay urine, seek to detect a given bacterium antigen, helping to diagnose an infection caused by bacteria.

Positive Controls


Vitassay offers samples that ensure positive values in the results. With these positive controls we ensure that the reaction conditions are suitable and avoid false negatives.