Our company profile

Vitassay Healthcare, S.L.U. develops and markets clinical rapid tests for the early detection of different pathogens causing infectious disease.

Vitassay offers Diagnostic Rapid Tests, which are formed by nitrocellulose strips, similar to those that contain the pregnancy test. On the side of these strips conjugates colored particles which react with viral antigen sample deposited on strip antibodies are located. This reaction causes the control strip remain colored by the latex. The colored line indicates a positive result. In addition a second control strip must also be colored to provide for good test is included.

Our greatest asset is to offer a complete service for every customer that exceed their expectations and provide sustainable value. We use all our technical and human resources to provide comprehensive advice across the international market, always under strict quality control and care in all our processes.

Our diagnostic products are the result of the joint effort in research and continuous improvement with experience in R & D and innovation of our equipment.

The noninvasive Vitassay one-step tests, focus on three major families: fecal, respiratory and urine.


We have the ISO 13485 certification.


To have the ISO 13485 certification assures the accomplishment with current regulations in the development of our products for in vitro diagnosis. All production processes, marketing and customers support are regulated under this regulation, ensuring the highest quality standards.

Our challenge: to continue developing new accurate, reliable and environmentally friendly products, to facilitate and improve people’s life quality.

Identifying pathogens worldwide


Provide a simple and complete process for the detection of pathogens causing infectious diseases, based on quick immunochromatographic techniques solutions.

  • Being a company of reference and global reach, specializing in products for rapid diagnosis, able to offer a complete service and personal attention.
  • Expanding panel products, and develop new diagnostic techniques consistently applied.
  • Personalized service with total availability.
  • Continuous innovation in all our manufacturing processes, care, research and quality.
  • Production as: each client is unique.
  • Human resources specialist.